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IMES is an education consulting firm in Australia with experience in counselling international students to help and guide them with every aspect of studying abroad. Our experienced and qualified counsellors offer extensive support and guidance to foreign students in choosing the best college and universities, securing admission, getting student visas, and migrating to Australia easily and quickly.

As a reputed education and migration corner in Australia, we offer the following Australian education consultant services to international students:

  • Educational Counselling
  • University/College Selection
  • Course selection
  • Admission and Student Visa Assistance
  • Counselling for Migration Services
  • Student Visa Extension Services
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Accommodation services
  • Institute and Course Change Counselling services

Our professional education consultants provide extensive counselling services throughput and keep you updated with the whole process related to entrance exams, results, admission, visa approval, migration, and others based on your requirements. We, as an Australian education consulting firm, are not only your one-stop destination for student services but also help you get a professional internship and potential career opportunities into your study area.

How do we help?

  • Our professional education counsellors offer free counselling sessions to know about your study requirements.
  • We will then help you know about the various study options for you in Australia.
  • We will help you identify and choose the best universities/colleges and courses based on your qualifications.
  • We then help you through the application process and entry requirements.
  • We keep you updated with the application process until the final result and admission process.
  • We then help you get your student visa and your migration process.

For the higher education in Australia from a recognised college/university, you can apply for a student visa in the following courses:

  • Certificate III
  • Certificate IV
  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Associate Degree
  • Graduate Diploma
  • Master Degree
  • Research work

Career counselling is an important aspect when you are looking for higher education opportunities abroad. A professional education consultant for international students can help you with all the information, options, criteria, circumstances, processes, and budgets to make the right decision at the right time. It can minimize your efforts so that you can sit back and relax while our counsellors will be taking care of everything related to your study requirements, visa, and migration process in Australia.

To get admission any course level (e.g. trade/bachelor/Masters) you must need to meet the entry requirement of the institute. Entry requirement always varies depends on institute to institute.

IMES has following standard admission checklist

  • Passport Copy
  • All previous qualifications including Transcript & Certificate. (e.g. Year 10, 12, Diploma, bachelor, Masters Etc)
  • Overseas Student Health cover (OSHC) (If Onshore)
  • Transcript from current provider (If onshore)
  • Current CoE (If onshore)
  • Visa copy (If onshore)

Once you provide us the above documents we will certified & forward your documents to your chosen education provider for offer letter. Normally, we always receive the offer letter between 1 to 5 business days.

IMES is a reliable name to change your education provider. We care our students’ need &satisfactionfirst.

Sometimes you may go through the followings like

  • You are not satisfied with your current education provider and looking for a cheaper, flexible education provider.
  • You may enrol a course but cannot find any interest to continue that course.
  • You may look to move other state or regional state
  • You may want to study package course (diploma leading to Bachelor) or (Graduate Diploma leading to Masters course).

IMES can assist you in all the aspect. IMES Qualified education counsellor and registered migration agent will help you out of this situation without breaching your visa condition. We are offering you

  • To get a Smart, Cheaper and Flexible education provider
  • To help in moving one state to another state legally
  • Help to get standard study course matching with your requirement
  • Support you till the positive outcome and your satisfaction

We have over 100+ direct authorized agents of education partners in Australia where we can find the right institute for you.

Credit Transfer is when an Institute or education provider allows you to count previous education/training/experience in a similar field or topic towards part of a course/degree or any other qualifications. This can reduce the number of subjects you have to do to gain your qualification. You must need to provide the statement of academic achievement to support your credit request.

Once you provided the statement of academic achievement/transcript/marksheet to us. We forward that the documents to you nominated institute for credit transfer. Based on that documents they will assist and gave you exemption to your selected course. It will reduce from your course duration and tuition fees.

IMES always encourage to all applicants that, you should apply exemption based on your previous studies.

IMES is well known in Sydneyto providing scholarship to the students. IMES has its strong network and business relation with a lot of renowned universities in Australia. This communicational strength allows us to offer you the best in Scholarship.

IMES has two different scholarship opportunities to offer:

Pursuing from Institution

IMES cordially works for the students as their agent to manage institutional scholarship. We manage the students’ applications along with the relevant qualification and academic achievements of the students. Institution considers the students’ results, experience and IELTS scores here forwarding the file towards the institution that the students want to admit. Then we pursue the file to get the scholarship from the Institute.

Offered By IMES’s own

Considering the Students capability and their interest in education, IMES has an exclusive cash back offers as a schoarship for students. There is no condition for results and IELTS scores. The cash amount depends on courses and universities where the students want to get admission.


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