RPL Evidence Checklist

IMES Skills Recognition & RPL Facilitators will help you to determine the best evidence you can use for the RPL process. This evidence can be from current employers or those from the past. Once your evidence is submitted, it's treated with strict confidentiality and we can talk to your employers if they have any concerns regarding Intellectual Property Rights or Trademark issues. The following checklist may be required as RPL evidence:



  • Resume, Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letters
  • An outline of the organization that you work for
  • Link to online resume (e.g. LinkedIn)



  • References from current and past employers
  • References from supervisors/peers
  • Witness testimonies or third party reports


Performance appraisal

  • Performance appraisals or reviews
  • Letters of support/appreciation
  • Workplace awards, prizes or certificates
  • Evaluation forms
  • Training needs analysis/goals/sessions


Portfolio/work samples

  • Letters you have drafted
  • Reports you have drafted
  • Plans you have drafted
  • Forums/meetings/conferences/seminars you have helped organize
  • Simulation of a work activity
  • Assessment tools you may have used
  • Workplace evidence
  • A portfolio of workplace documents (such as policies and procedures) that you work with or developed


Photographic and video evidence

  • Photographs or videos of your work
  • Photographs or videos of you performing your work


Education, training and qualifications

  • Certificates, degrees or qualifications
  • Statements of Attainment
  • Statements of Completion


Job Description

  • Business cards
  • Schedules
  • Team meeting notes
  • Copies of daily “To Do List”
  • Team projects, outlining your roles
  • Minutes of meetings that involve you doing an action with a result and agenda


Policies and procedures

  • Procedures/policies you work with
  • Department documents
  • Standards used


Workplace communication

  • Email correspondence
  • Team meeting notes


Bookkeeping and financial records

  • Bookkeeping and any other financial records
  • Budgets/costing sheets and other samples