Employment Sponsor

There are 3 different subclasses for Permanent resident VISA in Australia that are refer as Skilled migration and those are Subclass 186, Subclass 187, Subclass 457 . All Those visa involves a two-step process, firstly, nomination by an approved Australian employer and then an application under the nominated stream. It is part of the Permanent Employer Sponsored Visa program. Professionals should have a required education and multiple years of successful professional experience for skilled migration. The current skilled immigration requirement for Australia is:

  • Age should be below 50 years
  • At least Bachelor / Masters degree completed
  • Should have experience on SOL/CSOL listed occupation
  • Should achieve at least 60 points according to DIBP specification
  • Should have good command on English (Min. IELTS score 6.0 should be provided later)

Australian employers can hire skilled workers to fill skill shortages in Australia. There is a range of industries looking for skilled workers. Whether you’re a company looking to apply as a business sponsor or a worker who’s found a job and needs the visa, IMES can help you find the right visa to suit your needs. These visas can be on a temporary or permanent basis.


This visa is a permanent residence visa for skilled workers. It allows you to work in Australia under one of three streams
The Temporary Residence Transition stream
The Direct Entry stream
The Agreement stream.


You might be able to get this visa if you
Have been nominated by an approved Australian employer
Are younger than 50 years of age, unless you are exempt
Meet the skills, qualifications, and English language requirements, unless you are exempt
Apply under the stream for which you were nominated.