Benchmark Training


The Business Sponsorship visa is the most commonly used visa for an employer wishing to sponsor overseas workers to work in Australia on a temporary basis. An employer wishing to sponsor a worker under the visa must first apply to be a sponsor to recruit overseas workers.The Australian Government is encouraging all employers to invest in training for Australian workers. Whilst immigration plays a role in addressing short term skill and labor shortages, the government is committed to training Australians to address longer term skill and labor shortages. The current training benchmark requirements ask employers to demonstrate they are investing in training for Australian employees before they are permitted to sponsor overseas workers.  Employers must continue to meet the prescribed training benchmarks for the program in any year in which they employ a subclass visa holder for any portion of the year and must maintain records of training expenditure.To apply as a sponsor, an employer must demonstrate their contribution to the training of Australians by providing evidence of meeting the Training Benchmarks. 

There are currently two Benchmarks, and the employer may choose which Benchmark they will meet.

Benchmark ‘A’:

Employers pay 2 percent of payroll (incurred in the last 12 months) expenditure to an industry training fund related to the employer’s business.

Benchmark ‘B’:

Employers spend 1 percent of payroll (incurred in the last 12 months) on training their Australian citizen or permanent resident employees.
Choosing between Benchmark ‘A’ and Benchmark ‘B’:

Training Benchmark A benefits a business that:

does not employ Australian citizens or permanent residents
is recently established
needs to fulfill the obligation immediately.

Training Benchmark B benefits a business that:

employs Australian citizens or permanent residents
has a plan to implement training to their staff who are Australian citizens or residents
operates in an industry where an industry training fund is available
would like the opportunity for financial government incentives for training

Please also note: eligible employers may be entitled to “government trainee incentive funding”.


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